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Traditional Restaurants in Santander and in Madrid

Gastronomy in Santander | Sardinero Hoteles

Restaurants in Santander

Traditional Restaurants in Santander

The traditional restaurants in Santander of Gran Hotel Sardinero, Bahía and Hoyuela Hotels are the gastronomic offer of Grupo Sardinero, based on a first quality products with an a creative and innovating dishes but respcting our traditional and regional cuisine.

Gastronomía en Madrid | Sardinero Hoteles

Restaurant in Madrid

Traditional Restaurant in Madrid

The Hotel Sardinero in Madrid offers international and regional cuisine, as well as the exquisite buffet on the deck (exquisite indoor patio with natural light) also provide you with the option of foods and dishes specific for celiacs, allergy sufferers and vegetarians. For more information click here.

  • Gastronomy | Sardinero HotelsGastronomy | Sardinero HotelsGastronomy | Sardinero HotelsGastronomy | Sardinero Hotels


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